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12 Tough Questions to Ask Your Parents

"Hey Dad, what's the score? Hmmm. Have you thought about moving downstairs so you don't fall and cripple yourself?

And oh, by the way, how much money are you leaving me?"

By: Robert M. Goldberg, J.D.
Westpoint, 1982; University of Michigan Law School, 1990;
Member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys &
Accredited Veterans Administration Attorney

The idea of talking with your elderly parents about their finances, estate planning, and long term care planning is enough to make you wish you had the flu over the holidays — anything to help you avoid having "the talk."

Will your parents think you're just trying to grab their money? Or feel like you're invading their privacy?


As difficult as it may be to begin the conversation — or better yet, a series of small discussions — these talks are crucial to assuring your parents live out their lives without unnecessary money worries; and that their estate planning objectives be fulfilled.


I've got tips for helping you have "the talk" with your parents.

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